Kontiki 2016 Report

Published on 15/04/2016 under Scouts
Kontiki 2016 Report

Dear Scouts and parents

An enormous CONGRATULATIONS to our team for performing so well this year. Once again we are in the top three. This is a tremendous result and a testament to the hard work put in to get the raft assembled and for the crew to produce Spare Time Activities and Cooking to a very high standard.

Whilst we did not come away with any 1st place trophies, our team produced consistently high quality effort and that placed us third overall. In the few years that I have been involved, I have seen how the quality of rafts and STA’s have improved making it harder to stay on top. By coming third we have shown that have evolved and improved as well. We have learnt some valuable lessons this year and will back next year – even better. The raft construction marking changed significantly this year (eliminating the need for a pioneered cabin) and we need to respond to this by understanding where we lost points and adapt accordingly.

To the raft crew – Kyle, Daniel, Jordan, Sasha, Joshua Skye and Saskia, be very proud of your achievement as we are very proud of you. Well Done!!

To the Rover crew – we cannot do this without you. Thank you for your support, particularly in assembling the raft. Also nice to contribute to Kontiki by constructing the obstacle course. It was thoroughly enjoyed.

To the Fringe Team – Despite being completely outgunned by senior teams from other Groups, our team remained tenacious and committed. Well done particularly in Volley Ball, knee boarding and on the obstacle course where your time was one second behind the winners!

To the Fringe Cooking Team – Thank you for feeding us on Saturday night despite working in virtual darkness for the last 45 minutes. Must remember the lanterns next year! What a beautiful evening with a stunning sunset over the rafts.

To the parents and scout leadership who provided the enormous logistical support that makes it all happen. Only those of us involved know the amount of work that is required to get this show on the road. But as we all know its SO worth it. THANK YOU!!

Well Done 1st Camps Bay. We may be small but we burnt bright.


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