Little Glen river water pollution, and dog poo bins & bags

Published on 07/11/2013 under Uncategorized
Little Glen river water pollution, and dog poo bins & bags
Local resident Arthur Shephard writes to inform us as follows:

I have had a few people over the past year or so when they see me in the Little Glen asking if it is ‘safe’ for their children to play in the water. My answer has always been NO – whilst the water may look clean a chat with the father of a young son who contracted scarlet fever last summer – has confirmed that opinion. His son was playing a way upstream of the scout huts where the river has a small wall (near the Ingleside exit) and appeared to be clean.

Unfortunately the river is used for washing and as a latrine by the homeless and others, plus it also gets polluted from overflowing sewage drains and contamination in storm water drains occasionally. The picture attached shows polluted water exiting from a storm water outlet directly into the river by the wooden bridge last week, and I have others showing sewage and polluted storm water from higher up the Little Glen from earlier in the year. Rest assured myself and others are in touch with various responsible departments in the city to try and eliminate this unacceptable pollution, but it is unlikely we will be able to stop the odd individual from using the water as their personal latrine at times so best not to let your children play in the water just in case.

A dog poo bin was recently installed in the Little Glen and has a plastic bag dispenser for those who forget to take their own with them. The roll of 60 I put in initially has lasted just over a week – are any of you in the plastic bag manufacturing business and could supply bags? Alternatively anyone who wishes to sponsor the ongoing cost for any period of time please contact me.

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