Pack Scouters Report 2015

Published on 11/11/2015 under Cubs
Pack Scouters Report 2015

By Mike Eastman

I am proud of our Cubs achievements this year and honored to present the Pack report for 2015.

The past year has been very busy with the sudden change when Wendy moved for work to Johannesburg and I stepped (as I thought temporarily) in as Pack Scouter. We have increased our numbers from 15 to 23 with 4 Cubs on the waiting list, however a number of senior Cubs will be moving on to Scouts shortly and this means new sixers and seconders will be appointed. We have maintained 3 sixes and depending on recruitment we may need to open a new six.

Since January 2015 we have also migrated from the old Cub system of 4 Advancement levels (Caracul, Cheetah, Leopard and Lion) to the new system with 2 Advancement levels (Silver Wolf and Gold Wolf). The Top Award still remains the Leaping Wolf for the Senior Cubs.

We have had a number of outdoor activities this year, and I hope the Cubs had fun getting out and about:
Outing / events

  • Kontiki
  • King Tutankhamen Exhibition
  • Annual Edward Shield Challenge – we placed 8th out of 25 teams.
  • Overnight Sleepover and Hikes

  • Senior Cubs – Scout Table Mountain hut
  • Hikes

  • Rhodes Memorial to Kirstenbosch
  • Noon Gun – Signal Hill
  • We also:
    Had a special visit by Richard Leslie (an ex-Scout) and his two sons from Edinburgh Cub Scouts.
    Had a special visit by Leorah Solomon and daughter Lauren visited from the USA (Boy Scouts of America).
    Did our Annual Cub Camp at Cape Leopard Trust in the Cedarberg which again was an exciting expedition and we are busy booking again for next year for 1 – 4 October 2016.
    Our Cubs achieved 50 interest badges and 20 Advancement levels this year. I am very proud that our 2 Senior Cubs (Gold Wolves) were awarded their Leaping Wolf Challenge Interest badge which is a huge achievement. Congratulations and well done to:
    Robin Smith
    Shen Eastman

    Adult Leadership: Lynne and I attended “Team Scream” as an adult training course and benefitted from discovering new ideas for meetings and outings.
    Since January 2015 with the new Cub Advancement program progress has been a challenge and I encourage the Cubs to challenge themselves and attempt more interest badges. Another concern is the attendance which has become a bit erratic. I understand that there are school events to contend with but please ensure that you excuse yourself by giving us a call before the Friday meeting if you are not able to attend. I commend those that have achieved a high attendance and will be receiving certificates accordingly. In the past we have had several Cubs with 100% attendance for the year, let’s try for that again.

    We managed to achieve our Gold Star Award for 2014 – 3rd year in a row and hopefully we will be getting our 2015 one soon although if we want to achieve Gold Star Award then we need to improve attendance

    I would like to thank:
    Wendy Scott (was Akela / now Baloo) for the remote-control assistance from JHB and for coming back to Cape Town for the Annual Camp at the Cape Leopard Trust in the Cedarberg.
    Lynne Coertzen (Raksha) for her dedication, commitment and hard work to make sure things are running smoothly and that our cubs have a fun Cubbing adventure and for being the backup when things are getting too busy. Also to Kate Coertzen for assisting on Friday evenings.

    Michelle Smith for taking on the critical task of Cub Administrator and managing our cub database. For helping with lifts and always being available to assist at short notice.

    The Group Scouter – Alex Jochheim and Committee – Paula, Louise, Marianne and Lisl and especially Carol and Chairman Ed for all their selfless and tremendous support and encouragement – for boundless energy and fun.

    David Nicolay for recently helping on Friday evenings and making the meetings more fun for the Cubs.

    Alex Herbert – Specialist for assisting with First Aid and Health training.

    I would also like to thank those committed parents who have positively contributed to making this year an exciting experience for the Cubs.

    I was fortunate enough to have started Cubs in the 1st Camps Bay hall at the age of 7 and enjoyed many years of Cubs and Scouts adventures. However not all the team had that privilege and yet they see the benefits that our Cubs and Scouts derive from the Cubbing and the amazing system and how they can contribute to the enrichment of our children with their involvement. Thank you to the team for your dedication.

    Those that are not sure how you can help let us know when you are available and we can find things for you to do and you will be amazed how much fun you can have. We and the Cubs need your support. PS: We are looking for a Quartermaster to look after our equipment.

    Good luck for the exams and have a wonderful year-end holiday

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