What is Rovering?


Rovers, or Rover Scouts, are the third branch of the Scout Movement. We are an organisation for young men an women, aged 18 to 30, beginning their adult lives, careers, families, etc. Rovering provides a programme where these young adults can use their knowledge to help each other develop, aid their communities and give back to the youth of our communities by applying the Scout Method. Rovers are not simply there to serve others, but we also aim to help each of our members grow through exposure to leadership roles they may not hold in their careers, through skills training and through the provision of fun, constructive outdoor social events.

The Rover motto is simply ‘Service’- split into 3 pillars, namely service to Self, the Community and the Scout Movement. Each Crew incorporates these 3 pillars differently into their programmes based on their location, size and scope. One thing you can be sure of is that Rover Crews are all there to develop our members (service to self comes first after all), and whatever your passion is, be it hiking, working with children, surfing, the environment, or your home business, it will find a place in the program of your new Crew.

1st Camps Bay Rovers is open to all Scouts (17 and up) and young adults in the City Bowl area and the Atlantic Seaboard. Past Scouting experience is not required to join, often young adults have said “I wish I could have done Scouting, but I was too old…” Well we believe you are never too old to have fun in the great outdoors.

Our Meetings:

  • Crew in Council: Formal monthly meeting, usually the first Friday of every month in the 1st Camps Bay Scout Hall.
  • Crew meetings: Informal activities planned by Crew (Hikes, camps, socials, training etc.) dates announced at Crew in Council.

Crew Council 2018: 

  • Chairperson: Kiyan van Rensburg
  • Vice-Chairperson: Viasha Moodley
  • Treasurer: Natan Brittz
  • Secretary: Cullam Geyser

To contact our Crew Council:

To find out more:

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