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Cobra Patrol November 2015 (Amber absent)

Cobra Patrol Nov 2014

Cobra Patrol November 2014 (Tristan absent)

Cobra Patrol August 2014

Cobra Patrol August 2014

Cobras Patrol August 2011

Cobras Patrol August 2011

Cobras Patrol

Cobras Patrol January 2011

May 2011 Mapping Course by Kiyan van Rensburg – PL Of Cobras

Do not be deceived by this course as it is in no means an easy course! The first weekend you spend 17 hours in a hall somewhere and get lectured! Might sound boring but get used to it because this badge is compulsry for explorer! I suggest that on that weekend you pay attention to the lecture and keep good notes! The difficult part of the course comes in when you are required to make to maps due on the second weekend! This was a most ardurous task for me but since it was raining it is understandable! Put effort into your maps and you will reap the rewards! Put some decent study time in before the second weekend and you will pass with flying colours but don’t study or put effort into your maps and you will fall short! HINT: Ask Russel how to do a Strip Map and a Plain Table Map

This course will help you with Mapping in geography for many years to come and will ensure that you will not get lost or be able to read a map and find yourself! Only go on this course if you are the required age and qualification!

Kiyan’s First Class Community Service project at Pypiesplein Park 21st April 2011.

001 Cullam & Bevan going at the green

Cullam & Bevan going at the green

002 Matthew and William sanding & varnishing

Matthew and William sanding & varnishing

003 Cullam hard at work

Cullam hard at work

004 Matthew is a well-balanced Scout!

Matthew is a well-balanced Scout!

005 The team! Kiyan, Matthew, William, Bevan, Cullam, Sasha & Sky

The team! Kiyan, Matthew, William, Bevan, Cullam, Sasha & Sky.

Well done Scouts for helping beautify the Community.

Backwoods Course 2011 Report by Cobras Patrol Leader Kiyan:

Backwoods began with a prep weekend on the 19 & 20 of February, on this weekend we learnt about all the things that will ultimately help us to survive the final weekend.

This was followed by an exam which is definitely worth studying for, there is a lot of content that must be studied and I recommend that you put in a few hours of study time! So that you don’t have to feel like me, I wasn’t sure if I passed or failed. Rather be sure that you passed and have the confidence to write that exam.

A flurry of preparation and packing led towards the final weekend of the course on which all our learning would pay off.

We were dropped off on the top of Du Toits Kloof and split into patrols of four, if you go on course with a member from your troop do not expect to see them often as you are constantly split up. We were then given instructions on a piece of paper to hike to an unknown location where a Scouter would meet us. The hike went well and most of the patrols ended up working together to get to the location, we got their and there was no one there. Relying on the fact that we were either all wrong and going to fail or we were all right and were going to pass, we stayed at that location. Well I have passed so obviously we were right!

I am not going to say all that happened but I will say this, time management is CRUCIAL to you passing the course so do yourself a favor and take an ANALOG watch not digital as this will help you pass.

Killing the chicken is probably the hardest thing I have ever done, to kill a living, breathing thing is very difficult but fortunately it is a quick process.

Cullam mentioned a fire in his report and I would just like to confirm that. 01:00 am Sunday, some ( CENSORED ) idiot had made a fire against a bone dry clump of logs, sure, he put his fire out but coal went underneath the logs and smoldered nicely, waiting for everyone to go to sleep and WHOOSH.

I wake up and see the fire right outside my shelter half a meter away, jump up and shout for everybody to wake up. In the confusion somebody yells at me to go fetch the adults and I yell back that I will but I quickly need my shoes and torch but the scream that there is no time, so I run barefoot in the forest ( RULE NO. 1:Where shoes at all times when on a Scout course or in the forest ) I succeeded in fetching the adults but at the price of my feet which were bruised, cut, slashed and very sore!

But luckily against all my dreads I passed the weekend and the course and to my utter astonishment and surprise I came Fourth overall and achievement that I never dreamed of achieving!

Olivers Bird Streak map

Olivers Hike log for Adventurer

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