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Eagles Patrol November 2015

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Eagles Patrol November 2014

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Eagles Patrol August 2014

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Eagles Patrol August 2011

Eagles Patrol

Eagles Patrol January 2011

Report from Eagles PL Connor (and his Mom) on his Backwoodsman badge course experience in March!

The weekend was a success!!

All Connor’s snacks that we tried to sneak in, were confiscated when they got there. There was also the faithful turkey that led them all up the river instead of down river to get to Hawequas – when Connor tried to re-direct them they all still carried on following that ‘turkey’ in the front – Kiyan, however took the correct path and after a long while, the rest followed. We heard all about the camp the whole way home in the car: there was almost a forest fire in the middle of the night; swimming fully clothed in the dam; what the chicken actually looked like inside; how one of the chickens laid an egg when it was killed; how the kids tried to borrow his equipment and how he used the advice saying: ‘later, I’m still busy’, etc… and lots more funny stories that I’m sure he’ll want to tell you about himself.

Some of the pictures Jordan took on a hike up Table Mountain on 12th Feb 2011

Jordan 1

Mom’s taking a break

Jordan 2

Scouts in the steep part of Porcupine ravine

Jordan 3

The locomotive in the Waterworks museum

Jordan 4

View of Camps Bay far below

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