Springbok Scouts

  • 20/06/2014 – Benjamin Alexander
  • 20/06/2014 – Michelle Scott
  • 20/06/2014 – Matthew Boynton
  • 11/11/2013 – Connor Thompson
  • 12/04/2013 – Kiyan Van Rensburg
  • 28/04/2011 – Matthew Harvey
  • 09/07/2010 – Nicholas Harvey
  • 13/05/2009 – Ariana Abaroa
  • 27/01/1994 – Ernst Markus Klaus
  • 27/11/1986 – Henry Christopher Old
  • 05/09/1983 – Reinhard Hosch
  • 06/05/1983 – Alan Michael Roseman
  • 13/12/1979 – Rodryck Beer
  • 07/03/1979 – Colin Edward Harvey
  • 11/09/1964 – Bernard J Oberholzer
  • 11/09/1964 – David Alan Rose
  • 15/07/1963 – Christopher Ronald Moyle
  • 15/07/1963 – Alexander T Morton
  • 15/07/1963 – Leslie Victor Geater
  • 02/08/1961 – Roger H Raaff
  • 02/08/1961 – Robert Ian Morton

Queen’s Scouts

  • 03/11/1957 – Russell Bowman
  • 04/07/1955 – Ralph Roseman
  • 14/06/1955 – Ernest Bowman

Chief Scouts Award

  • 01/01/1984 – Reinhard Hosch
  • 07/03/1979 – Colin Edward Harvey
  • 01/01/1964 – S T Morton

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Connor at Founder’s day awards

Connor receives his badge

Matthew Boynton receives his Springbok award from Russel Glass and Alex Jochheim

Michelle Scott receives her Springbok award from Russel Glass and Alex Jochheim

Ben Alexander receives his Springbok award from Russel Glass and Alex Jochheim

Russel Glass with his 5 Springbok Scouts

Thanks Russel for all you did for our Springboks

1st Camps Bays Springbok Scouts 2014


We are proud to announce that another Camps Bay Scout achieves the Springbok Scout Badge. Well done Kiyan van Rensburg. We hope all our Scouts will work as hard as you did to earn this Badge. Chief Scout’s Commissioner Brian February made the formal award at the Provincial Awards ceremony in the Athlone Civic Centre Saturday 18th May.

Troop Scouter Russel Glass presents Kiyan’s Springbok Badge Friday 12th April


Troop Scouter Russel Glass wrote to all Scouts and their parents to say:

Folks, I’m sure you all join me in congratulating Matt on achieving the Springbok Scout Badge. Congratulations also to Matt’s parents – Michele and Colin – on their son’s achievement. Well done Matt, you have put in a huge effort and can be proud of reaching this milestone.

 Matthew Harvey receiving his Springbok Badge Certificate from Brian February on right, and Llewellyn van Aarde on left, at the Springbok Lunch ceremony 14 May 2011

Group Scouter Alex Jocheim congratulates Matthew Harvey on his fine achievement earning his Springbok award


Nicholas Harvey Springbok Award recipient for 2010 from 1st Camps Bay/Sea Point Scout Troop

Springbok Award to Nicholas Harvey

From left to right: Chief Scout of South Africa: Rev. Vukile Mehana, Nicholas Harvey,
Chief scout Commissioner: Brian February.
Nicholas, a Matric student at Camps Bay High, was presented his Springbok Scout Award on Saturday May 15th 2010. This is the top Scout award in South Africa, achieved only after meeting stringent requirements such as completing at least 40 hours of Community Service, leading a hike of 30 km in unfamiliar territory, and planning and constructing a large Pioneering project.


Arianna Aboroa who was the first female Springbok Scout in the history of 1st Camps Bay/Sea Point Scout Group  achieved her award in 2009. She is seen here receiving her award from the Chief Scout of SA the Rev. Vukile Mehana

Arianna Aboroa


Alan Roseman with family members

Our 1983 Springbok Scout Alan Roseman as he is today relaxing with family members


Colin Harvey in full Springbok Scout uniform
Colin Harvey was awarded the Springbok Scout badge in 1979. Colin also received the CHIEF SCOUT AWARD which is a very prestigious Award and is awarded after Springbok Award to a Scout who has committed outstanding service to the movement. Colin’s certificate is shown in the  photos below).

What is equally impressive is that Colin retained his links with 1st Camps Bay, and with the assistance and support of his wife Michele, inspired his 2 sons, Nicholas, and Matthew to also become Springbok Scouts! In this picture, Colin is in full Springbok Scout uniform, including the ‘Baden Powell’ scout hat that distinguished the South African scout contingent at many International Jamborees over the years.

Colin receives his Springbok award at official ceremony

Colin Harvey receives his Springbok Scout Award at official ceremony

Peter Barnard awards Colin his badge at CB Scout hall

Colin Harvey receives his Springbok Scout Award from Peter Barnard at CB Scout hall ceremony

Colin pins the Mother’s Springbok badge on his Mom

Colin Harvey pins the mother's Springbok Scout Award badge on his Mom, Marina in CB Scout Hall ceremony

Colin’s prestigious Chief Scout’s Award certificate

Colin Harvey-Chief Scout Award 1979


The very first Springbok Scout on our list is Ralph Roseman (April 1955). Ralph certainly collects awards as in this picture he is receiving his certificate for 50 years of loyal membership of the Mountain Club of South Africa in 2010

Ralph Roseman 50 yrs MCSA membership 2010

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